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Harvard Air Taxi is your private flying limo. We operate a fuel efficient aircraft, fully equipped and certified for all-weather conditions, under an FAA Air Carrier Certificate (14CFR Part 135 Air Charter governed by strict rules of operation and maintenance).

Harvard Air Taxi operates an affordable and efficient light piston airplane to offer the most cost-effective air charter transportation for 1 to 4 passengers, , covering New England, the Northeast US and Canada.

Business or pleasure trips on your schedule and your exact destination(s) Islands, Ski Resorts, all destinations in the 48 contiguous states
Same day or next day roundtrips One-way trips possible with reduced return flight charge
Sightseeing Flights Fall Foliage, sightseeing tours around Boston, or the Cape

Call us at 508-981-6440 or email us atmarc@harvard-air-taxi.com
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